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School Bell’s Ringing


Children run back to school as the bell rings in a playground in Changan village

Photo by Vinko Pernek of Slovenia.

Contest entry A0169.

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Front of the School


The ANSF serve as proud role models for many children in Afghanistan.  Photo taken 30 March 2010 in Changan village.

Photo by Vinko Pernek of Slovenia.

Contest entry C0071.

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School Master


The school master and orphan in background.  ISAF completely rebuilt this derelict orphanage in Chagcharan saving hundreds of orphans from freezing during the harsh Afghan winters.  2006.

Photo by Brendan Smith of the United Kingdom.

Contest entry A0141.

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Counting with Fingers


A grade 3 year old counts with her fingers in the sun lit room of Murade Khane’s primary school funded by Turquoise Mountain Foundation, Kabul

Photo by Jacob Simkin of Australia.

Contest entry A0084.

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School Exams


Girls at a school in Charikar, Parwan province prepare to take their final examination of the schoolyear.

Photo by Mohammed Zarif Daraie, of Afghanistan.

Contest entry A0040

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A schoolgirl in Ghor province, 2007.

Photo by Vida Urbonaite of Lithuania.

Contest Entry A0015

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