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Salaam from Afghanistan!

A0178The photo was taken from Tajikistan looking across the River Panj – the border between Tajik and Afghan Badakshan. The kids came to pick up their cows when they spotted us taking photos and wanted to get in on the action. As we posed for their improvised rock cameras they waved frantically and shouted us over for some tea!

Photo by Alida Bata of the United Kingdom.

Contest entry A0178.

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Near the Kabul River


Pigeons gather, hoping for a handout near the Kabul River.

Photo by G. Pieper of the Netherlands.

Contest entry A0159.

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Narrow Valley


The Panjshir Valley is as imposing as it is beautiful.

Photo by Jim Kelly of the United States of America.

Contest entry B0061.

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Guard Duty


Sgt. Cavazos and Spc. Reynolds, of Charlie Troop 3/61, keep an eye out while performing guard duty on July 7, 2009, Combat Post Pirtle King in Afghanistan. The main focus of Pirtle King is to maintain control over the Tsunnel Valley.

Photo by Chris Allison of the United States of America.

Contest enry D0043.

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Harirud River


Harirud River and Chaghcharan nature, Ghor province.

Photo by Tomas Balkus of Lithuania.

Contest entry B0038.

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Small River in Qoutsa-Suf-la micro hydro power plant, Ghor province.

Photo by Tomas Balkus of Lithuania.

Contest entry B0037.

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River and Mountains


River Valley in Logar Province

Submitted by Eric Sutphin, United States of America

Contest Entry B0001

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