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Bamiyan « Photo Contest: "Why Afghanistan Matters"

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Ready for the Next Run


Despite never having skied before, there were some impressive runs (and spills). This young man is using skis made in the local bazaar out of wood, metal sheeting nailed to the bottom and sides and homemade bindings.

Contest entry A0158.

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The Slopes of Bamyan


To promote eco-tourism in Bamyan province, the Agha Khan Foundation organized a day of skiing near the village of Ali Beg. Hundreds of Afghans turned out for the event and tried skiing for the first time in their lives.

Contest entry A0157.

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Bandi Amir Lake in Bamiyan Province.

Photo by Jacob Simkin of Australia.

Contest entry B0055.

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Shadow of the Colossus


Women work in the potato fields as the sun goes down by the empty niches where the buddhas once resided, in Bamiyan.

Photo by Jacob Simkin of Australia.

Contest entry B0054.

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