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Mazar-e-Sharif « Photo Contest: "Why Afghanistan Matters"

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The Shrine of Hazrat Ali is home to thousands of white pigeons considered to be sacred. The spot is said to be so holy if a gray pigeon should join the flock it will become white in 40 days. Feeding these birds brings good fortune.

Photo by Nasim Fekrat of Afghanistan.

Contest entry B0024.

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6 comments to Mazar-e-Sharif

  • monji

    This foto is very fine.
    Lycka till

  • Roger

    I don’t understand why this made it in the top 12. Poor contrast and too much DOF. Too much amateur photography in this contest.

  • admin

    The top 12 were determined by over 30,000 ratings by members of the public. We can appreciate there will be differing opinions on what makes a good photo. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Mirzan Miftha

    This image brings Peace in my Heart
    Peace be upon every One of You !

  • rebecca armour


    I am not sure whether your site is still active but I wanted to leave a comment. I hope you will reply.

    You mention above that “the top 12 were determined by over 30,000 ratings by members of the public.” Can you tell me whether this tally included the Afghan people?

    I ask because, I’m not even Afghan, and I felt very uncomfortable with your choice of winners and the rest of the videos. Almost every one reeked of condescension. I grew dizzy from all the white hands reaching out — and down to these gracious, enduring, superior people.

    I originally searched the WordPress for “Afghanistan” hoping to learn from the people and stand before them in awe. Their history, culture, character and beauty are far superior to anything we can dream to have in the developed world. Instead I found this trite site.

    I offer my sadness and apologies to any Afghan person who has had to bear the indignity shown here. To them I say, please forgive us Westerners. We are a soppy sort, infantile and terribly superficial. Shakespeare describes us to the letter in his play “The Merchant of Venice.” We are pickled in “mercy” but it is actually a psychopathic degree of vanity that makes us this way.

    I wish I had entered this contest. I would asked an Afghan citizen to help me make it– from his perspective.

  • admin

    Thanks for your feedback. The contest included quite a few Afghan entries and votes, to include the grand prize winner.

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