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Pashtun Walking « Photo Contest: "Why Afghanistan Matters"

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Pashtun Walking


A Pashtun man moves ahead on his journey in Musa Qaleh.

Photo by Ed Ledford of the United States of America.

Contest entry A0136.

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2 comments to Pashtun Walking

  • jean patrick dubos

    all these pictures seem to confirm the beauty of the helmand valley with the war not managing to erase the serenity of this fantastic and unique place which deserve along with people to be able to live without the botheration of taking side to save their lives not to underestimate in the least the sincere effort from american and the rest who offer themselves even if in the highest planes of politics some vested interest does have the same authentic goal in mind I deeply regret than in the 60 when I was in afghanistan I did completely miss to go where in those days it was possible lazy smoking hippie who now would almost go for a walkabout in this mesmerizing land,surely would not get very far,but all the pictures make feel to enlist could try to remember my stint of one and half year in the army second class sapper too late I guess anyway thanks for the photos and salute to all who does such a good job

  • jean patrick dubos

    great pictures of a great place heroic soldiers,brave helmandis and nasty ennemis wonder where all this will lead if only like in the good old days,can most of what is happening bad in the world of today can go reverse or are we marching towards an impending worse

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