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From the soldier who contributed this photo:

“We went out today and I had a chance to take two dolls. I have to wait for the perfect moment to hand them out. I don’t think the boys want them so I looked for a girl of the right age. I also avoid handing things out when other kids are around. They tend to mass on you and its hard to tell if they are stealing your gear. They also will fight the other kids for stuff they want.

Anyway, I was leaning on a wall and a little girl and her brother were walking down the path on the other side. I took the bear out and handed it to her. She looked like she was so surprised and happy she didnt know what to do. She ran over to a friend of mine and just stared at the bear. Then she turned around and quickly ran home with her prize. I tried to get her photo but she was too quick. i got one shot and its far off.”

Submitted by Michael Miller of the United States of America.
Contest entry D0074.

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14 comments to Dolls

  • This is what it is all about! Winning their hearts and minds!

  • Traynter B. Turpin

    Outstanding work. Finally we have someone showing attention to what good our guys and gals are doing in Afghanistan. Somehow we need to get the “mainstream” media to wake up and have a look at the sacrifices the U.S. and allies make in this crazy world. God bless all of our troops ! Capt. T

  • Jan

    Looks like you made her day! : )

  • I love this photo of this little girl holding a stuffed bear doll, made from a lady at home. The children suffer the most and for one of the troops Michael Miller to give her this, speaks volums, to make a child smile and protect our land is such a blessing

  • Pam Spurlock

    Great capture. Keep on recording.

  • Brian Rodney

    Children will lead our future.

  • Katelyn Murchison

    Looks good! Keep posting pics!

  • Sandra A.

    I love this photo and liked the fact that it shows the human side of the war.

  • Sonda

    Great Picture! It makes me want to see more of your environment.

  • Lea

    I loved the picture ‘cuz I know my little girl holds onto her bunny all the time and sleeps with it. Awwww sweet that you did that for her. I have Big Wheel and Hot wheel cars to hand out for the boys. I can send you some…

  • kim

    awwwwwwwwwww that is so cute. it looks like her brother was happy that you did that for her.

  • A Marine's Mom

    Thank you for sharing a tiny piece of the true reason we are in this fight. Your job is so much bigger than just guns and bombs. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your loved ones make every day for my freedom. This picture is what the world needs to see to make them remember the children.

  • Jennifer Chown

    Great pic, Mike. You can feel the little girl’s excitement!

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